Axelia phylosophy
The name of our company itself is derived from an Ancient Greek Divinity. In Greek Mythology, the Goddess Axelia fights evil and protects mankind from destruction. Axelia is viewed as a kind and caring person, who nurtures and protects people against the toughest eventualities. philosophy
Axelia therefore is a great inspiration for us, as it tells us what we are doing and what we intend to do. Our Corporate Mission and Vision Objectives are all merely an extension of this name. The Company's focus is simply doing whatever it takes for the well eing of mankind.
Naturally therefore, our core business is pharmaceutical formulations. We believe in making available simple yet effective products, at costs which are affordable to the end users. The role fulfilled by these products being that of protection & satisfaction.
We also have a number of products in the Neutraceuticals, Food as well as Cosmetics range. We view these products as those that play the role of nurturing. The caring touch that is often needed to make life not just livable but also enjoyable.
We believe that a person's smile is the ultimate indication of the wellness of being, because many a times mental satisfaction is more important than just physical well being. We therefore always quote that,
" Our motivation comes form your smile ".
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